205. Hebridsolfjäderpalm Licuaga grandis. 8 fröer. 208. Blå Mexicopalm. Brahea armata. 8 fröer. 209. Triangelpalm. Neodypsis decaryi. 8 fröer. 210. Kentiapalm.


Brahea armata This distinctive and attractive plant prefers full sun in a dry, very well drained situation. It is very frost resistant , and established good sized plants have been known to survive -10C, or even to recover from lower temperatures when damaged.

Requiring a good sunny spot and well drained soil. The plant originates from the rocky canyons of North-Western Mexico and California. It grows slowly but steadily but can eventually attain heights of 12m (36 feet) and once established is one of the most beautiful and sought after palms in the world! 2021-04-12 Brahea armata is an evergreen Tree growing to 12 m (39ft) by 4 m (13ft) at a slow rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) 9. It is in leaf all year.

Brahea armata

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Brahea armata To be found in desert and mountainous areas, in gorges and on rocky slopes. It has been planted in gardens in southeastern Europe for many years especially along the French Riviera where large specimens of over 50 years old can be seen. Brahea Armata odmiany super srebrnej to odporna na mróz palma wytrzymująca spadek temperatury do – 10 C jeżeli zostanie zabezpieczona przed mrozem wytrzyma spadek temperatury do – 18 C. Ma wachlarzowate, mocne liście o chłodnym niebiesko srebrnym kolorze oraz białokremowych kwiatach zebranych w zwisające grona, które po przekwitnięciu tworzą jadalne owoce. Brahea Armata. aka (Mexican Blue or Blue Hesper) Butia Capitata (Green) aka (Jelly Palm) Chamaerops Cerifera (Blue) aka (Med Fan Blue) Chamaerops Humilis (Green) 식물명 : 멕시코블루야자 영문명 : Mexican blue palm, blue hesper palm 학명 : Brahea armata 멕시코블루야자는 멕시코 북부지역에서 가장 널리 퍼진 종으로 높이가 15m정도 자라는 야자이다.다른야자와 차이점은 꽃차례가 5m에 달할정도로 길며 성숙한 열매는 18~24mm 정도 둥근형태의 난형으로 갈색으로 익는다 Se hela listan på de.wikipedia.org This palm is a very large specimen.

Brahea armata var. microcarpa Becc. Brahea clara (LHBailey) Espejo & López-Ferr. Brahea elegans (Franceschi ex Becc.) HEMoore; Brahea glauca krok.f.

Live. •. Scroll for details. Brahea armata 2019.

Brahea armata

Een ander bijzonder kenmerk van volwassen planten zijn de bloeiwijzen die tot ver buiten de bladerkroon naar beneden hangen. De Brahea armata verlangt een 

Deze palm groeit redelijk langzaam.

This desert palm grows best in full sun and high heat, and it tolerates drought well once established.
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Brahea armata

Hardy to 18°. Requires full sun. Grows slowly to 20 feet tall. Brahea armata is a relatively common Mexican native frequently grown in Southern California by both landscapers and private growers alike. This is one of the most drought tolerant, cold tolerant and wind tolerant species that can be grown in southern California, and it is easy to grow, as well as highly ornamental, which is why it so commonly Blue Feather Hesper Palm (brahea armata) – Outlandishly unusual flowering, the inflorescence’s of this palm can grow to a whopping16 feet long, emerges from the crown of the tree and out past the fronds in a spectacular display.

Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosí Brahea dulcis (Kunth) Mart. Rock palm Brahea armata var. microcarpa Becc. Brahea clara (L.H.Bailey) Espejo & López-Ferr.
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Brahea armata is a wonderfully bright accent plant for the arid garden making a perfect companion for hardy succulent plants such as yucca, dasylirion and 

Details B. armata is an erect palm, up to 15m high, with a single trunk covered by fibrous leaf bases, spiny leaf stalks up to 1.5m long, blue-green waxy leaves, 1-2m across, divided into about 50 lobes, and arching panicles 4m long of showy yellow flowers 1.5cm across in … 2011-06-20 More about Brahea Armata It is drought tolerant (although occasional deep irrigation is recommended), can handle both partial shade and full sun, and temperatures down to −10 °C (14 °F).

Brahea armata Aparece en áreas desérticas y montañosas, en gargantas y laderas pedregosas. Lleva muchos años empleándose en la jardinería del Suroeste de Europa.

ARTE Y JARDINERÍA DISEÑO DE JARDINESPALMERAS · Bergen. Natur. Jättepalmlilja (Yucca elephantipes), Chilensk vinpalm (Jubaea chilensis), Sabal minor, Serenoa repens, Brahea armata, och Rhapis excelsa. Eftersom det finns  Arenga pinnata, Borassus flabellifer, Brahea armata, Butia capitata, Calamus merillii, Caryota maxima, Caryota cumingii, Chamaerops humilis, Cocos nucifera  Brahea armata, Butia capitata, Calamus merillii, Caryota max ima, Caryota cumingii, Chamaerops humilis, Cocos nucifera,.

A strong and dramatic statement in the landscape. Blåpalm [1] (Brahea armata [2]) är en enhjärtbladig växtart som beskrevs av Sereno Watson.